Safety rules for staff, students, teachers, researchers and other visitors to Arctic DTU

All staff, students, teachers, researchers and other visitors to Arctic DTU Campus Sisimiut or Arctic DTU Research Station will have to familiarize with the safety rules for campus and the safety rules for travel and working in the surroundings.

Safety doing research in the Arctic

Safety introduction for students

Students will get the necessary introduction to these safety rules via their courses in Sisimiut.

Mandatory safety quiz for visitors

All visitors to Campus Sisimiut or the Research Station must complete an online safety quiz to obtain the necessary clearance.

The quiz is part of a 30-minute film that addresses the most important issues concerning safety to make sure that you know how to prevent an accident and what to do if an incident should occur. During the film you will have to answer questions correctly, to pass the test.

You are welcome to take the quiz anytime an also welcome to pass it on to other relevant DTU researchers, such as PhD students that are going on field work. You can take the test as many times as you want but you will have to pass the test before your arrival. Regular visitors will only have to do take the test once a year.

Important information: it will take a couple of hours to complete the quiz.

Scan the QR code to start the safety quiz.

Important contact information

Our local coordinator at Arctic DTU Sisimiut is the first point of contact if an incident should occur during activities connected to Arctic DTU Campus and Research Station.
Second point of contact is DTU Emergency at DTU CAS in Lyngby in Denmark.

See the numbers below and make sure to save these numbers in your phone when working in Sisimiut and the surroundings.

  • Emergency contact at Arctic DTU Sisimiut (1st point of contact)
    +299 26 78 08
  • Emergency contact at DTU Lyngby (2nd point of contact)
    +45 94 58 94 58


  1. Check for potential dangers to yourself, bystanders or the casualty
  2. Enquire with the casualty (if responsive) and any bystanders to discover the cause of the accident
  3. Call for help by calling the point of contact
  4. Provide first aid or other appropriate help
  5. Meet and guide the emergency services

Education and training for staff operating in polar areas

Staff working in the Arctic must complete an Arctic First Aid course and a rifle handling course if operating in areas with polar bears.

Arctic DTU offers both courses for DTU staff each year before the fieldwork season in the Arctic starts, in February/March, near Lyngby, Denmark. If needed both courses are offered again later in the year. We also regularly arrange rifle training for small groups, to refresh and train shooting abilities.

When you come from outside DTU and plan a stay at the Arctic DTU Research Station in Greenland, we expect that you have taken comparable courses.