Arctic DTU Research Station
- Sisimiut, Greenland

The research station is situated between sea, tundra and ice at the west coast of Greenland and is situated ideally for multidisciplinary research and long-term monitoring of geophysical changes related to climate change including terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and Earth Observation (EO). Further, research related to arctic settlements, infrastructure and environmental impact is performed, together with research in arctic heritage in connection with the area being added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2018. Research carried out at the station has focus on linking multidisciplinary monitored climate change, cryosphere and surveillance with technical solutions for a sustainable transition of the Arctic and its people. Currently the following research is conducted in connection to the station:

• Geophysical and cryospheric changes related to climate change
• Arctic terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
• Earth Observation (EO), space weather and geomagnetism
• Arctic infrastructure and construction
• Environmental impact
• Arctic heritage

Arctic DTU works for international collaboration on Arctic research. As INTERACT / INPA members the station offers Transnational Access and Remote Access. The station works closely together with the local municipality and educational institution on knowledge transfer and communication of the research conducted. Through the research at the station, we work with the local municipality on action on a changing cryosphere related to settlements, reducing pollution and how to create value for a sustainable local tourism.

The Research Station is manned year round and has accommodation for up to 30 people. It offers access to specialized cold, wet and dry laboratories (under construction) and FabLab facilities. We provide logistical support (4WD cars, 2 snowmobile, 2 ATV, 2 flextracks, safety equipment for winter (including glacier) and summer, charter of boat), workshops, office facilities and field storage. Moreover, we have access to a number of bivouac shelters in the back-country and a small hut in Kangerlussuaq mainly for long-term monitoring of permafrost, space weather and glacial earthquakes.

Practical information and reservation of stay

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Ongoing research and publications

Here you can find description on ongoing research and publications from the Arctic DTU Research Station.


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