Arctic Research

DTU solves technical challenges in the Arctic

DTU Arctic Research Focus Areas

DTU delivers technical solutions for sustainable development of the Arctic in a changing climate. In a fast warming Arctic DTUs purpose is to monitor, analyse data, model and map changes as a consequence of climate change to improve the understanding of the oceanographic and cryospheric response - now and in the future.

At DTU, we are specialized in tailored technical solutions customized to Arctic conditions. The green transition is central for a sustainable development of the Arctic communities. Historically, the Arctic has been challenged by solutions developed for conditions in parts of the world with a warmer climate and with a greater population density. 

DTU is leading in Arctic space infrastructure for communication and surveillance. Lack of suitable communication systems is a huge constraint in large areas of the Arctic. A viable solution is the multiuse of space infrastructure in Arctic regions for the defense, research and civil society, which may comprise satellites in combination with planes, drones and in situ data.