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Engineers with Arctic competences sought after

Tuesday 23 Mar 21


Pernille Erland Jensen
Associate Professor
DTU Civil Engineering
+45 93 51 09 69

Other Arctic study programmes

DTU offers and collaborates on other programmes with an Arctic profile:
• BEng in Fisheries Technology
Arctic Semester
• Nordic MEng in Cold Climate Engineering
• From 2021, an MEng in Arctic Mineral Resources will also be offered

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High demand for graduates from the Bachelor of Engineering in Arctic Civil Engineering programme

Engineers with a BEng in Arctic Civil Engineering are being snapped up, according to Pernille Erland Jensen, Head of Studies.

“We often find that our students have a job lined up even before they have finished their studies,” says Pernille Erland Jensen about the sought-after engineers. They find employment in the public and private sectors in both Denmark and Greenland.

The high demand is also reflected in the statistics. From 2015 to 2018, the unemployment rate for graduates fell steadily in the first year after graduation. In the second year after students had completed their BEng in Arctic Civil Engineering, they were unemployed 3.2 per cent of the time on average. For other BEng graduates from technical study programmes, this figure was 5.9 per cent.

Students with a desire to travel

The BEng programme in Arctic Civil Engineering (formerly called Arctic Technology) is offered by DTU in collaboration with the Government of Greenland. The programme gives students general engineering competences in the fields of construction, energy, indoor climate, environmental engineering, and planning adapted to Arctic conditions.

The programme takes place partly in Greenland, on DTU’s campus in Sisimiut, 50 km north of the Arctic Circle, and partly in Denmark at the DTU Ballerup Campus. But many students want to travel even more and do a semester in a third country, notes Pernille Erland Jensen:

“There are many with a thirst for more, who want to go out and experience the world. They typically do a semester in Canada, Norway, or the USA. The number who do a stay abroad lies steadily at around 90 per cent, far higher than for similar courses at DTU.”

The study programme attracts both Greenlanders and Danes—15 new students were admitted in 2020, ten of whom came from Greenland and the rest from Denmark.

The BEng in Arctic Civil Engineering programme can celebrate its 20th anniversary in September. Around 150 graduates will have completed the programme by then. 

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