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For the benefit of society - also in the Arctic

Tuesday 23 Mar 21


Niels Hoedeman
DTU Civil Engineering
+45 45 25 21 66

Arctic DTU is the gateway to DTU’s activities in the Arctic region. In the coming years, the centre will promote cooperation with other Arctic research and education environments.

“It is through collaboration on research and education—both nationally and internationally—that we will create the foundation for peaceful and sustainable development in the Arctic.”

These are the words of Niels Hoedeman, acting head of the Arctic DTU centre.

Since it was established in 2018, Arctic DTU has been responsible for advancing DTU’s research, education, innovation, and consulting activities with an Arctic perspective. The centre also serves as the secretariat for cooperation between DTU and the Government of Greenland. DTU has had a framework agreement with the government covering the training of engineers with Arctic competences for many years. This has helped create a special relationship between DTU and the Greenlandic research and education environment, notes Niels Hoedeman. “DTU is the only Danish university that has a campus in Greenland. We operate and develop the campus, located in Sisimiut, in close cooperation with Tech College Greenland (KTI). It also serves as a research station in Interact, a circumpolar network of such stations,” says Niels Hoedeman.

“Our educational collaboration with the Government of Greenland and the close relationships with a number of Greenlandic institutions, companies, and authorities flowing from this, have given DTU a very special position in Denmark to strengthen Arctic research, innovation and education.”

New framework agreement in place

The special position is also evident in the Greenlandic Research Council. DTU is the only Danish university to have a representative on the council—Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen, Associate Professor at DTU Civil Engineering, who has just been appointed vice-chairman of the council.

DTU’s framework agreement with the Government of Greenland was renewed in 2020. This gives DTU even more opportunities to cooperate with Greenland, says Niels Hoedeman:

“The agreement paves the way for expanded collaboration and greater involvement by DTU’s various disciplines. There are many exciting perspectives for DTU’s future Arctic activities, for the benefit of society.” 

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