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Welcome to Arctic DTU

Arctic DTU represents DTUs Arctic and Antarctic interests in numerous national and international fora, network and projects on interdisciplinary Arctic research and education. We collaborate across research institutions, enterprises and authorities and with focus on supporting Arctic research diplomacy.

By pooling Arctic research competencies across DTU, we work within the four pillars of Arctic research at DTU namely climate change, a green transition of the Arctic, surveillance and digitalisation.

DTU has a long tradition of Arctic research, innovation and education across various research fields. Arctic DTU creates synergy across DTU, and across DTU Lyngby and DTU Sisimiut, Greenland. Arctic DTU manages Arctic DTU Campus Sisimiut, where we host DTUs Arctic educations and Arctic DTU Research Station, where we focus on supporting international collaboration and Arctic research.

Further, Arctic DTU holds Arctic research facilities and infrastructure, resources and services that are available to the scientific community to conduct top-level Arctic research in their respective fields.

DTU Arctic Strategy

• Arctic research is a source for knowledge and innovation across research areas that have a broader impact than in the Arctic itself

• Starting point and entrance door to DTU activities in the Arctic region is the Danish Realm

• Maintain and further develop a leading position internationally on Arctic research

• Enhanced collaboration across the North Atlantic region

• Climate Change is a special focus area for DTU. Monitoring and research in consequences and solutions

• A Green transition of the Arctic region

• The geopolitical situation: DTUs has important skills and expertise that support needed solutions 

• Science diplomacy: DTU deliver concrete initiatives on education, research, innovation and consultancy

• DTU delivers Arctic educations in the Arctic that support the future needs of especially Greenland


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