Arctic DTU: Engineering solutions tailored for extreme conditions

The harsh and extreme environment, sparse infrastructure and isolated communities are a particular challenge when working in the Arctic. The results, however, are very robust engineering solutions tailored for extreme conditions. By working with solutions that work in extreme conditions, engineers from DTU are well equipped to solve engineering problems everywhere. Watch this video to get an insight into a range of DTU’s Arctic research and education activities. For more information about DTU’s Arctic activities, please visit http://www.arctic.dtu.dk/english.
Foto: Tove Lading

Arctic research

DTU offers research-based knowledge and technology development to private enterprises as well as public authorities operating in the Arctic.
Foto: DTU

Arctic education

DTU offers a range of educations focusing on engineering in the Arctic and in cold regions. The educations prepares the students to take into account the special circumstances in this region.